Biona Organic Spelt Fusilli Tri Colore, 250 g x 12




Spelt is an ancient grain type rediscovered and appreciated now for it’s delicious flavour and smooth texture. Enjoy our spelt pasta ‘al dente’ with Biona Toscana pasta sauce or our delicious vegan pesto.

Ingredients: Spelt Flour (Gluten)*, Water, Tomato Powder*(5%), Spinach Powder*(0.75%). * = Certified Organic Ingredients.

Nutrition Information per 100 g: Energy 1614 kJ / 381 kcal, Fat 1.1 g, of which saturates 0.3 g, Carbohydrates 78.4 g, of which sugars 1.7 g, Fibre 2.25 g, Proteins 10.5 g.

Unit barcode: 5032722311121

Case barcode: 05032722647428