Biona Organic Garden Peas, 340 x 6




These freshly canned green peas are grown in the beautiful fields of Italy and then carefully canned within just a few hours of harvesting for optimum freshness and flavour. With no other added ingredients apart from a touch of salt and water, these peas are sweet, tender and delicious.

Ingredients: Garden peas*, water, sea salt. * = Certified Organic Ingredients.

Nutrition Information per 100 g: Energy 252 kj / 60 kcal, Fat 0.4 g, of which saturates 0.1 g, Carbohydrates 8.5 g, of which sugars 2.5 g, Fibre 2.7 g, Proteins 4.2 g, Salt 0.4 g.

Unit barcode: 5032722317260

Case barcode: 05032722654662