Welcome to Enfield Fair

We distribute amazing food products in bulk to both retailers and wholesalers. Most of our products are either organic or vegan, some are gluten free, some are made with no added sugar, or with no artificial additives, with no preservatives, some are locally produced, and some are just plain DELICIOUS!
Our journey started in the spring of 2017 when we realised how hard it was to buy sugar free chocolate in Enfield. Within a few weeks we were selling sugar free confectionery to convenience stores around Middlesex.
Most of these stores had little to offer their customers that was vegan, organic, or gluten free. We then started sourcing more natural products directly from manufacturers and supplying convenience stores so people in Enfield could find these types of products in local shops.
As we started importing some of the products from Europe we added wholesalers as our customers and we now supply both retail and wholesale channels.
Welcome to Enfield Fair
We are a friendly local business and we would love to serve you. By buying from us you will always
get fantastic service. With your continued support we are aiming to grow our product range, continue
to lower our prices, and become the go to destination for a wide range of great products in bulk.